August 5, 2018

Our Virtual Reality “GameCube”

The Virtual Reality GameCube is our solution to making Virtual Reality truly mobile. It is difficult to have a great experience with virtual reality outside because it has motion trackers that pick up the movement of anybody walking by. That is a thing of the past with our GameCube. Enter the virtual world without the interference of the outside world and enjoy virtual reality like it was meant to be enjoyed. We know that Virtual Reality is only as good as the system it runs on. That’s why we run with the best equipment available. The HTC VIVE. With full body tracking capabilities you can become truly immersed in whatever world your in. Duck, kneel, crawl, behind cover, and literally step between worlds!

Utah virtual reality gaming gamecube in Salt Lake City, Provo, Orem and Centerville

Full Body Tracking
When you move in the real world, you move in VR, don’t just sit on a couch and play. Get in the game, literally.

The best display in VR
The Vive has the best display in Virtual Reality gaming, making the worlds clear and more immersive.

Built in Chat and Sound
Feel the power of audio that simulates the real world.  When someone in game talks to you from behind, you hear it from behind. Proximity chat also makes talking realistic where only people that are near you can hear you.

Don’t miss out on this awesome experience and be sure to add it to your  Epic Party Events Video Game Birthday party for just $100.00!


Add our VR GameCube to your video game party: Only $100

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